Energy Bombs is the revolutionary way of consuming energy and essential Vitamins. The gum you love, the energy you need!

  • Immediate Effect
  • Great Taste
  • Zero fat
  • Only 5 calories per serving
  • Equivalent to half a cup of coffee

“I have tried other energy gums before but nothing close to this product, I was very hesitant to start off .
The spearmint tastes REALLY good and the flavor lasts for a long time, even more than the regular gum I usually buy,
After about 10 minutes I started to feel wide awake and I could work the extra 3 hours I needed.
My tolerance for caffeine is pretty high so I chewed 2 to start with.”


Dafna Tamir
Dafna Tamir

“Just what I needed for a pick-me-up at the gym. Good stuff!”

Mike Santangelo
Mike Santangelo
 “Love this gum! It’s so much easier than carrying around (and usually spilling) a cup of coffee when I need a boost in the afternoon at the office. Not to mention it tastes great!”
Amazon Customer
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