Energy Bombs (“EB”) is a passionate and energetic company in the growing energy supplementation retail industry.

Stemming from a successful international family business with over 40-years of experience in manufacturing, marketing and building brands, Energy-Bombs is dedicated to revolutionizing the energy supplementation market and the way that people consume energy products.

Energy Bombs management team have successfully developed and launched over 350 SKU’s with an established distribution channel in over 22 countries.
We are dedicated to provide the best tasting energy products to be consumed in the most convenient manner, with the highest quality, and best value-for-money.

“Great taste and does provide an energy boost.
As an owner of a Hi-tech company I work extremely long hours. Energy Bombs gum at 6pm gives me a second wind and helps me get through the next few hours easily.”


Gil Ron
Gil RonVerified Amazon Customer

“I have tried other energy gums before but nothing close to this product, I was very hesitant to start off .
The spearmint tastes REALLY good and the flavor lasts for a long time, even more than the regular gum I usually buy,
After about 10 minutes I started to feel wide awake and I could work the extra 3 hours I needed.
My tolerance for caffeine is pretty high so I chewed 2 to start with.”

Dafna Tamir
Dafna Tamir